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Amplify Austin

Hello this message is for the friends of KAZI FM 88.7 Austin, TX. My name is Lenny Dingle. I am one of the Board of Director member of KAZI. Steve Savage the Station Manager has done an outstanding job at raising money to replace our antenna. As Steve mentioned, the money raised thus far will take care of phase one of replacing the antenna. The overall cost will be around $25,000 done over three phases. With a new antenna, we will be able to serve many more areas. As well as antenna, we need to replace some of the equipment that runs the antenna, plus update some of the equipment at the station. KAZI is a commnuity owned and operated stationed that operates solely on donations and sponsorships. To assist with raising the funds needed, KAZI is thrilled to announce our participation in ( I live Here, I give here) @ILH_IGH Amplify Austin for Non-profit organizations! 24-hours to give back on March 20th beginning at 6pm. 

Please visit or click the link above to donate. It’s very easy to donate. I have already made my donation. Please join me in donating. You don’t have to wait until March 20th. You can donate today and have it scheduled for March 20th. If you can give at least $25 that would be greatly appreciated. The system can accept donations of $10 and up. All donations would be greatly appreciated. 

Amplify Austin Day is an initiative to increase philanthropy in Central Texas through online giving. 
• There are 24 hours to give where you live to a cause you care about and a city you love! 
• Amplify Austin Day is presented by I Live Here I Give Here 
• Your gift is amplified through the incentive pool and exciting incentive prizes by giving to us on Amplify Austin 
• Last year, they were part of raising $2.8 million. Help us make an even bigger impact this year. This is KAZI’s first year participating.

Your gifts made to us on March 20 will be amplified & help us continue our work in the community. Please visit to donate. It’s very easy and your donations are tax deductible. #AmplifyATX!

KAZI remains a strong force in the Austin Community with its unique mix of RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Reggae, Zydeco, Talk, Community Information, Independent 
News and more… KAZI also takes pride in supporting and promoting local artists as well as national artists on small independent labels.

Listen to KAZI on 88.7 FM, online, or via the Tunein Radio app. 

JUST 4 DAYS TO LEFT. Thank you in advance!!!!


April 28th, 2014

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