Sharon Jaye

Sharon Jaye

The Artist Spotlight
Tuesday 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Tune into “The Artist Spotlight” every Tuesday as Sharon Jaye showcases new albums from some of the most innovative and mainstream artists.

A captivating, generous soul with a passion for music, Sharon Jones began volunteering with KAZI in 1991. Known in the industry as “Sharon Jaye,” Jones initially hosted and produced a musical show at 3pm on Tuesdays and a “Triple Threat Quiet Storm” on Wednesday night with two other KAZI volunteers. She then added a Sunday Evening Jazz show from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Her other duties have included traffic, voice overs, production and sales. Sharon proclaims, “I have always loved music and the way it consoled me for whatever mood I was in.”

In January 2006, Sharon hesitantly accepted the responsibility as Music Director for the station. Sharon candidly shares:

I was not at all sure if I wanted to take on such a huge responsibility; but after trepidation, I accepted and still hold the position. I love searching for real music and sharing with our listeners.  I’ve spent twenty-four years of volunteering at a station I truly love, and I hope to be here another twenty.

Sharon Jaye is an enthusiastic and talented music connoisseur. KAZI listeners can savor Sharon Jaye’s hefty servings of tasty tunes and succulent sounds on Tuesdays, especially during “The Artist Spotlight” at 4:00pm central standard time. The program showcases new albums and interviews with some of the most innovative, independent and mainstream artists.

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