Gospel on KAZI

Gospel Calendar Guidelines

The KAZI Community Calendar is offered as a courtesy to non-profit organizations to broadcast events to listeners. In order for your announcement to be considered for placement on the KAZI Community Calendar you must represent a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) IRS designated organization. The event must be FREE to the public. To submit your event: Please fax all information to the radio station at (512) 836-9563 or via email to Community Calendar.

Please do not submit concerts, church announcements, or parties of any kind. Please submit all church announcements to the KAZI office at 8906 Wall Street – Suite 203; Austin, TX 78754. The KAZI Gospel Calendar is updated on a biweekly basis. The information should include who, what, where, and when along with a number for more information and/or website. If you have an announcement for the calendar, submit the announcement along with a production fee of $35 per week by Friday 4:00pm; a full week prior to the airing. Please mail the announcement or stop by the KAZI studios at 8906 Wall Street, Suite 203, Austin, Texas 78754. The office hours are Monday through Friday 10am until 4pm. For more information you may call 836-9544 or email Debra, thatʼs debra@kazifm.org.

KAZI reserves the right to edit the information submitted for your event and to decide which announcements will be included on the Community Calendar.

Church announcements can be heard on the radio on the following days:

5:00am – 9:00am Gospel at Daybreak with “Vis”
9:00am – 12:am Let’s Praze
8:00pm – 12:00am

Weekdays 5:00am – 7:00am

Gospel On-Air Schedule

5:00am – 7:00am  Gospel Flava

5:00am – 7:00am Praise Time

5:00am – 7:00am The Gospel Train of Praze

6:00pm – 6:30pm Fellowship Hour

5:00am – 7:00am Praise Time

5:00am – 9:00am Gospel at Daybreak
6:30am – 7:30am Oldies But Goodies
9:00am – 11:00am Let’s Just Praze Him
8:00pm – 12:00am (3rd Sunday)  Praise Party


Sermon of the Week

November 5, 2017
“Don’t Get Frustrated”
Pastor Tim Landry, Sr.
Jesus Christ First Ministries
8011A Cameron Road
Austin, Texas 78745

November 12, 2017
“A Seat At The King’s Table”
Pastor William T. Glynn
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
2951 Evans Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 78745

November 19, 2017 – Thanksgiving Celebration
“The 3 P’s of Praise: Purpose, Power & Proclamation”
Rev. Melvin Manor
St. Paul Baptist Church
501 Blackson Avenue
Austin, Texas 78752

Rev. M.C. Walker, Sr.
East 19th Street Baptist Church
3401 Rogge Lane
Austin, Texas 78723

November 26, 2017 – Thanksgiving Celebration
“Let Us Give Thanks Unto God…
& Glorify His Name”
Rev. Elvin Tyrone
Little Zion MBC
406 Burton Street East
Manor, Texas 78653

Rev. M.C. Walker, Sr.
East 19th Street Baptist Church
3401 Rogge Lane
Austin, Texas 78723


Church Announcements